Monday 2 May 2016

Sneak Peek - Baby Bear Anniversary Card

SU, Baby Bear, Anniversary Card, Sneak Peek, Annual Catalogue
The Baby Bear couple are sitting on a Boho Chic Embossed background

Just how much manipulation can a bear bear?!!!

The inspiration for this card came from On Stage.  Sara Douglass demonstrated the Baby Bear set, tilting the bear's head by chopping it off and re-setting it!  We all gasped as she beheaded the bear but the end result was impressive. She credited her concept artist with the idea.  So thank you, Sara Douglass' concept artist!

So I too did major surgery on the poor, unsuspecting bear!  When I reconstructed him, I used the bow to fill in some space so that I could stretch his neck and make him look bigger than his wife.

New products used in this project:  Baby Bear            141859
This is a beautiful three-step stamp kit.  It's easy to change the colour/look of the bear by changing one or all of the inks used in the stamping process.  There are also some great sentiments in the set too - as well as baby greetings there is also: Love You and Thank You - making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

SU, Baby Bear, Anniversary Card, Sneak Peek, Annual Catalogue
A great sentiment for weddings and anniversaries
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