Monday 10 April 2017

On Stage Local - Luna Park, Sydney 8 April 2017

The venue
Be prepared - I'm about to wax lyrical!

Hmm which stamp set could this be?
What an amazing day!!  The whole experience was awesome but the standouts for me were:

The superb organisation of the event - thank you Stampin' Up!.  From the moment we arrived to the moment we left everything was just so orderly and happy!  I only found myself lining up for a short time on three occasions 
The first bathroom break!
The coffee cart at lunch time (only because I was too lazy to walk a bit further!)
To use a Big Shot for one of the make & takes - despite the huge number provided, unavoidable with 500 people!

Officially excited!
The atmosphere.  The happiness and excitement in the air was palpable!  Everyone was so friendly and kind and I really enjoyed being in the company of so many like-minded people!  It was only my second event and I was nervous about helping out my team member who was attending for the first time.  I needn't have worried - there were lots of more experienced people who were eager to help us both.
The Crafty Thinkers team (we're looking for a good name!)

The products.  Oh... my... goodness!!!  I've started saving already - this catalogue is the best I've ever seen!  I was sticking little post its on pages that had items I really love and want to prioritise - I think I ended up hitting almost every page!  I shall have to find a new way to prioritise!
Prize Patrol!

The swaps.  Such a fun thing to do!  By the time I started swapping, I'd forgotten the long, tedious hours involved in making my swaps and exchanging my cards for somebody else's was a joy!  There are so many talented people to be inspired by and take tips from!

I hope you'll enjoy seeing the wonderful swaps I received.  I can't tell or show you much more at the moment but I'll share more with you soon!
The entire stash of swaps received!  See below for clearer pictures & who made what!

Top Row:  Jessica Quinn, Jo-anne Wenck
Bottom Row L-R: Faye Spencer, Charmaine Andrews, Nadi Hughes, Carolina Evans
Back Row L-R: ??, Nanette Smith, Maureen & Grace Sullivan, Wendy Hodkinson
Middle Row L-R: Jeanette Norman, Christine Aberdeen, Fiona Bradley
Front Row L-R: Diane Coombs, Felicity Laritz

Back Row L-R: Sarah Spencer, Satomi Wellard, Kate Benade, Dianne Blackney
Roz Butterworth, Skye Jones, Sandra Mastello

Back Row L-R:  Sue Wdowik, Vanessa Choi, Rosie Spezzano
Front Row L-R: Pamela's Embroidery, Kelliw Goldthorpe, Heidi Bell

A gift and card from the fabulous & generous Kylie Bertucci - best team leader one could wish for
  More views of Luna Park - what a fun place to gather!
Always lovely to be by the harbour

All that was missing were some cupcakes!

Thank you for visiting.
'Til next time!

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